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The Insecure Writer's Support Group: Give yourself a break!

The holidays kill me. There's so much stuff--lights, trees, parties, happy, alcohol, children, hot chocolate, snow, family, fudge, Charlie Brown...It's so exciting, and there are so many sources of inspiration, BUT it's exhausting and everything moves so fast.

I never get much writing done at the end of the year.

Perhaps back in high school, when my world was small and ALL ABOUT ME, the words came effortlessly. And I wrote and wrote for days, thinking I was the poo. And I was--a big smelling one. The writing was worse than poo--I can't even read it that's how shitty it is.

There's one story--I must have been 16 or 17 when I wrote it--about a tricycle. I spent most of a single-spaced page explaining how red it was--candy apples, rubies, fire engines, cherries, screaming, burning, red, RED, RED...It baffles the crap out of me that I had so much to say about a primary color. Surely there was something more interesting in my life than a tricycle.

Some days you have …